Steam-A-Way of Nebraska Offers Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips on Their Blog

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Steam-A-Way of Nebraska is a family-owned carpet cleaning business established in 1996. The company offers full-service cleaning for carpets, flooring and upholstery in the Lincoln and Omaha among others. It also offers a 24-hour water restoration service for this emergency carpet cleaning problem.

With over 16 years of offering top notch carpet cleaning services in the Omaha area, Steam-A-Way of Nebraska has recently launched in its website, a blog for visitors and guests to find out more about carpet cleaning and carpet care. The blog, which is being regularly updated weekly, contain several articles on carpet cleaning covering several different aspects for better carpet maintenance. Some of the topics of the blog articles range from easy, do-it-yourself stain removal tips for various kinds of carpet stains to advice for carpet owners in choosing carpet cleaning methods for them to use.

The Steam-A-Way of Nebraska blog is expected to be a great help for carpet owners who are having problems in cleaning and maintaining their carpets at home. Many of these blog articles are very easy to read through and also very simple to follow for any homeowner.

Aside from the carpet cleaning blog, the Steam-A-Way of Nebraska website also offers information on the many services that the company offers as well as several testimonials from happy and satisfied clients. You can also get a free estimate for your carpet cleaning needs by filling up and submitting a form in their website. Whether you want to find out more tips regarding carpet cleaning or you want to get more information on hiring Steam-A-Way of Nebraska’s professional carpet cleaning services, all of these can be done by simply accessing their website at

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Eco-Friendly Methods to Deodorize Your Carpet

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Carpet odor can be one of the things that can put visitors and guests off even if you have a beautiful carpet in your home. Many homeowners go with commercial carpet deodorizers and cleaning solutions to try and get the smell out but what they do not know is now all of these options are good for the environment. Some carpet cleaning product may contain chemical substances which could have some negative effects to our surroundings.

Having a clean and fresh smelling carpet doesn’t have to come at our environment’s expense. If you want to be environmentally conscious yet still have a good smelling carpet, here are some eco-friendly options that you can use to deodorize your carpet at home.

1. Vinegar – Vinegar is one of the most used kitchen ingredient outside of cooking as it has cleaning properties which makes it very useful when it comes to handling stains and other cleaning problems. It also is very effective in neutralizing any unpleasant odor that you may have on your carpet. Using vinegar is simple enough. You just need to mix a teaspoon of white vinegar with a cup of warm water to create a cleaning solution. Then, apply this onto the affected areas of the carpet. Rinse the carpet with water and dry it up and you’ll notice that the unpleasant smell will be gone.
2. Baking Soda – Baking soda is another kitchen ingredient that can be used to remove nasty smells on your carpet. Baking soda has long been a popular option for deodorizing fabric, upholstery and it too can be used to get your carpet smelling better. Baking soda is cheap and it can be found in almost any grocery store so you won’t have any problems finding some. To use baking soda, sprinkle a layer of it onto the area of the carpet where the smell is concentrated. Leave the baking soda on the carpet overnight to really let it absorb the unpleasant odor. The following morning, get a vacuum cleaner and use it to remove the baking soda from the carpet. You will notice that the unpleasant odor will be gone and your carpet will be smelling fresh once more.

You see, there are effective ways on how you can deodorize your carpet without needing to resort to chemical solutions which could have negative effects on our environment. By using the methods above, you can get rid of the unpleasant odor on your carpet while doing your part to save Mother Nature.

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How to Eliminate Dust Mites on Your Wool Carpet

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Wool carpets are nice because they offer a different kind of look and feel to homeowners. It certainly adds a unique element to your home which is often associated with class and elegance. That is why wool carpets are becoming increasingly popular these days.

But like many other kinds of carpets, it too can be prone to the many carpet cleaning problems that are exposed to it day after day. One such issue is having dust mites on your wool carpet. Dust mites can be very problematic because it can cause sickness and trigger allergic reactions to you or any guests in your home.

Fighting dust mites on the wool carpets can be tough but it certainly is not impossible. You can effectively get rid of the dust mites on your carpet if you have the right knowledge and tools. To guide you, here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of the dust mites on your wool carpets.

1. Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning is a popular choice among homeowners who have trouble with dust mites on their wool carpets. This is because the steam cleaning method can effectively get rid of the dust mites, even those hiding in the deeper parts of the carpet. Steam cleaning uses high temperature water released at high pressure from a steam cleaning device in order to remove and kill the dust mites. Steam cleaning, by using hot water, can really penetrate the carpet fibers and ensure that all dust mites are taken cared of so that your carpet will become clean and free of these parasites. If you really want to eliminate the dust mites on the carpet, steam cleaning is one good option that you should take a look at.

2. Professional Carpet Cleaning – More serious dust mite problems may just be beyond do-it-yourself remedies and in this situation you may need to look for professional carpet cleaners for a solution. Having your carpets cleaned professionally will definitely solve any dust mite problem that you may have. Professional cleaners are armed with the proper tools and expertise that they can successfully get rid of your dust mite problem in no time. If you have any major dust mite problem, call a professional carpet cleaner in your town or city to have a better idea on how they can help you with your carpet cleaning problem.

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Two Common Carpet Problems and How to Solve Them

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Taking care of your carpet takes a lot of work and effort. This is because there are countless cleaning problems that you would need to face in order to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. Knowing what to do in these emergency situations will really be a big help so that you will know exactly the best course of action to take so that you can get your carpet clean and beautiful once more.

Carpet cleaning is not as easy as it seems but if you have the right information in mind then you will have a bigger chance at making it a lot more manageable. To guide you, here are some of the common carpet cleaning problems and some simple solutions on how to solve them.

1. Food and Drink Spills – Food and drink spills are among the most common problems encountered by carpet owners. This is because food and drinks can get spilled fairly easily due to accidents or mishaps and chances are they can get spilled on the carpet pretty commonly too. The best way to solve a food and drink spill is by clearing the carpet right away of all food particles and liquids and then blotting the area using a clean cloth to try and absorb it before it stains. Applying a cleaning solution made out of white vinegar or ammonia and a some water will definitely be a big help. A teaspoon of the former with a cup of the later will give you a good cleaning solution that will get that food or drink spill out of your carpet in no time.
2. Dust – Dust is probably the constant cleaning problem that carpet owners experience. This is because dust can easily enter the home, through the open windows, doors, or on the people coming from the outside going in. Dust may seem like a very minute problem but it is something that you should never take for granted. This is because not cleaning up after dust could cause a lot of trouble on your carpet. An example of the unfortunate effects of dust on the carpet is discoloration. Another consequence is the dust build-up which can cause long-term damage to your carpet. You can remedy dust problems by frequently vacuuming your carpet. Vacuuming three to five times a week is recommended especially for high traffic areas of your home. Another good solution for dust issues is by steam cleaning your carpet, this way you can reach even the deepest parts of your carpet and remove whatever dust may be hiding there.

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Dangers of Hiring the Wrong Carpet Cleaning Professional

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With the busy schedules and fast paced lifestyles, a lot of homeowners nowadays just don’t have the time or the energy to clean their carpets themselves. But this doesn’t mean that you will just leave your carpet unkempt inside your home. One option that is becoming popular nowadays is hiring a professional carpet to do the job for you. Hiring a carpet cleaning professional is very convenient and will not consume any of your precious time. All you need is to coordinate with your carpet cleaner and then they will just do the rest.

But recently, there have been an increase in the number of professional cleaning businesses that has started up. This is why exerting the proper care and precaution should be taken when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company for your home. This is because just hiring any run of the mill carpet cleaner can have a lot of risks and dangers that you should avoid. Here are some of the biggest dangers in hiring the wrong carpet cleaning professional.

• They Can Damage Your Carpet – One of the biggest problems when hiring the wrong professional carpet cleaner is that they can accidentally damage your carpet. This is because some businesses which claim to be professional carpet cleaners do not really have the skills and the expertise to properly take care of your carpet. Some may not really know how to do the right way of cleaning your carpet and in the process they can damage it. This is why you should never risk hiring questionable carpet cleaners as you can be left with a damaged carpet and a lot of regret.
• They Can Offer Inferior Service – Another problem with hiring the wrong carpet cleaners is that they will not be able to render the proper level or quality of service that they advertise. Some carpet cleaners give a lot of promises and claims but once you hire them you realize that they are not really worth the money you are paying them. This is why proper research and evaluation should be done before you make any decisions on which professional carpet cleaner to hire. This is so that you won’t have a carpet which has not been thoroughly cleaned despite paying a ton of money for their service.

If you are looking at hiring a professional carpet cleaner for your home, it is always advisable that you really put careful thought into making the decision. Hiring the wrong one can really result in unfortunate consequences which is why you should always look to hire the best people possible to clean your carpets for you.

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Carpet Care Tips: Cleaning Up Lotion Stains on the Carpet

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Lotion can be a really useful companion to help prevent your skin from becoming dry as well as having proper skin hygiene. Unfortunately, it can become a source of a carpet problem though as lotion spills on the carpet is one of the more common issues that homeowners encounter. Spilled lotion can be quite problematic as it can leave your carpet with a nasty stain as well as make it sticky and leave an unwanted odor.

Cleaning lotion stains on the carpet is never easy but it certainly is possible. Don’t freak out just yet and simply follow the instructions below to help you get your carpet looking back to normal in no time.

• Make sure to remove any excess lotion that is spilled on your carpet. You can do this by using a spoon to scoop it up. Then, get a clean sponge and dab the spilled area with it. This will help in removing as much of the lotion as you can so that only the stain will be remaining on your carpet.
• Next, apply some baking soda or cornstarch on the stained area of the carpet and let it set for about fifteen minutes. The baking soda or cornstarch will help absorb the lotion stain and make it lighter and a lot easier to remove completely. After fifteen minutes, use a heavy duty vacuum cleaner to suck it up.
• Then, get a clean cloth and apply some dry-cleaning solvent on it. Then, use the cloth to blot the lotion stain repeatedly. Make sure to make your way from the outside of the stain moving inwards in order for you to get optimal results. When the dry-cleaning solvent is completely absorbed and the stain is still there, apply some more solvent on it and continue blotting until the stain is completely gone.
• Now that the stain is gone, all you need to do is to rinse the carpet with water to make sure that there is no dry-cleaning solvent residue left. Dry the area using some clean rags and you’re done.

Lotion stains on the carpet can be a pretty tough adversary but hopefully the guide above will help make this a lot easier for you. Don’t let any lotion stain ruin your carpet, if ever you are faced with this very problem just follow the steps above and you will surely get rid of the problem completely.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Up Permanent Marker Stains

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Everyone has a permanent marker in their homes because it serves several uses, whether it be for the office, school, or even just around the house. It comes in pretty handy for naming and labelling things but sometimes you can have an accident which would lead you to have permanent marker stains on your beautiful carpet. This is certainly quite a problem because permanent markers stains doesn’t come off of the carpet fabric easily. You wouldn’t want it to ruin your carpet’s look and appearance so figuring out ways to get it off is pretty important.

If you’re one of those experiencing this carpet cleaning predicament, you sure are in luck. Though it’s a difficult task, there are ways on how you can remove the permanent marker stains all on your own. Check out the guide below to find out how you can easily do this and get your carpet looking spotless and clean.

1. Once you have spilled the permanent marker ink or you have accidentally stained the carpet with it, quickly get a clean white cloth and dab it onto the affected area. This is the first aid tip that you can use as it can help in removing the permanent marker stain or at least making it a little lighter.
2. Next, get some isopropyl rubbing alcohol and douse a small amount of it onto another clean white cloth. Then, gently dab the permanent marker stain with it again. The rubbing alcohol aids in breaking down the stain so that it will become a lot easier to remove. Put some pressure when you dab it but still making sure not to use any rubbing motions as this can only make the stain worse.
3. Repeat doing the previous step and you’ll soon get rid of the permanent marker stain on your carpet. You may not see the results immediately but you will definitely be able to get it out of your carpet after several attempts.
4. Lastly, with the stain gone, you’ll just need to rinse the carpet with water to ensure that no residue is left behind. Dry it off using some clean rags and you’re done.

Permanent markers stains can be pretty challenging if you don’t know the proper steps to take. The next time you accidentally make a mess on your carpet using permanent markers, use the guide above so that you’ll be able to solve the problem quickly and without any problems.

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Cleaning Up Baby Food Spills on Your Carpet

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Feeding a cute, little baby can be adorable but it can come with a lot of challenges too. It isn’t exactly as easy as you may think it is. It actually requires a lot of efforts as not all babies would cooperate with you and eat peacefully. Oftentimes you are bound to be left with a mess consisting of spilled baby food on your carpet. This isn’t a pretty sight as the baby food can cause an ugly stain on your beautiful carpet. Finding the right way to clean this up is important if you want to remove the unpleasant baby food stain on your carpet.

Solving this problem can be tough too, especially if you don’t know what the proper way is. If you have experienced this problem in your home, don’t panic yet. Here are some easy steps that you can follow to effectively clean up the baby food spills on your carpet.

1. Scrape or remove the baby food spilled on your carpet right away. Use a dull knife and carefully remove the baby food spill so that you will be able to effectively address the stain that it has left behind. Not being careful with this task though can lead to you spreading the stain even further, so always remember to pay close attention while doing this.
2. Next, you’ll need to make a cleaning solution for the baby food stain. Mixing some white vinegar which you can find in the kitchen with some water will do the trick. One part of the former with four parts of the latter will be a good combination that will produce an potent stain remover for the baby food stain. Once you have the cleaning solution ready, pour some on the stained area and let it set for a couple of minutes.
3. Now, get a clean white cloth and start blotting the stained portion of the carpet. This will make the baby food stain on your carpet transfer gradually from the carpet fibers and onto the clean white cloth. Repeat this step until you have finally removed all of the baby food stain. It may not get removed on the first try so the key is to persevere.
4. Rinse the area with some water to help remove any excess of the cleaning solution from the carpet. Then, dry it using a wet/dry vac and one dry you may resume to use your carpet again.

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Carpet Cleaning Methods: Advantages of Using Encapsulation

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If you have a carpet at home, you surely must spend time considering your options when it comes to carpet cleaning. Finding the right option for carpet cleaning isn’t exactly easy as there are several options that you would need to consider. Choosing which one of these to use on your carpet at home has a lot of significance as this can mean the difference between a properly cleaned carpet and a poorly cleaned one.

One of the more uncommon methods which are available to carpet owners is called encapsulation. Encapsulation is a process where a cleaning solution composed of a chemical compound is applied to your carpet. Then, using a motorized rotary brush, you work it into your carpet fibers. The solution encapsulates and crystallizes the dirt particles on your carpet which you can thereafter vacuum to leave your carpet clean and looking like new. Many carpet owners don’t really know about this particular carpet cleaning technique but it is certainly something that they should be informed of. If you have not yet tried encapsulation to clean your carpet, here are a few good reasons to start now.

Thorough Cleaning – One good thing about encapsulation is that it is a method which definitely gives your carpet a thorough cleaning. While some cleaning methods will leave you worrying about totally cleaning your carpet, the cleaning solution used in encapsulation will work like tiny scrubs and crystallizes all kinds of dirt on your carpet which you can just easily remove using your vacuum cleaner. This level of cleaning will definitely get your carpet spotless and clean.

Environment Friendly – One concern with carpet cleaning is that it can have some negative effects on the environment. For one, some carpet cleaning methods produce waste-water which can be harmful to the environment if not carefully disposed of. Also, some carpet cleaning products contain toxic substances which will be harmful to our health as well as mother nature. Encapsulation is great because the cleaning solution is biodegradable thus you won’t have to worry about it causing harm to you or to your surroundings. You can get a nice, clean carpet and also get to do your share in protecting our environment all in one effort.

Encapsulation is an appealing option that you should certainly give a try. The next time you are looking for a carpet cleaning method to use, test out this effective technique and you’ll surely be impressed with the results.

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Eliminating Bacteria on Your Carpet

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Bacteria is always something that you need to be aware of. It can be transmitted to you through touching dirty objects or even shaking hands with people. Sometimes though these bacteria are just hiding in our homes, just waiting for the right moment to strike and cause harm and sickness to you or your family. One place where bacteria can be found is a filthy and dirty carpet.

If you have a carpet at home, you may not know it but you could be breeding a lot of bacteria deep within your carpet fibers. Nobody wants this to happen which is why keeping your carpet clean and safe is important. Here are some of the best ways that you can eliminate bacteria on your carpet and make it hygienic and clean for you and your family to enjoy.

• Frequent Cleaning – the more that you clean, the more likely you are to help make it bacteria-free. This is because the dust and dirt can build up on your carpet fibers and along with these bacteria may just be quietly hiding waiting for you or your kids to touch while playing. Frequent cleaning will make your carpet clean and avoid making it unhygienic and unsafe.
• Regularly Steam Clean Your Carpet – another way that you can make sure to eliminate the germs and bacteria on your carpet is by using the steam cleaning method regularly. The steam cleaning technique is great because it uses hot water being blown at a high pressure to surely kill and eliminate any germs and bacteria on your carpet fibers. This is also great in killing bacteria because the high temperature along with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution that you can opt to use together with the steam cleaning device will definitely make your carpet bacteria-free.
• Professional Cleaning – If the previous two options doesn’t cut it for you then maybe going for professional cleaning will be more of your fancy. Professional cleaning have had extensive training on making a carpet hygienic as well as the possible solutions for killing and eliminating germs. Hiring their services will surely make your carpet clean and safe and make sure that no bacteria is left behind to cause harm to you or the members of your household.

Bacteria is bad and it should have no place on your carpet at home. Remember to keep the suggestions above in mind so that you will know how to properly make your carpet hygienic and safe always.

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