Rotovac Power Cleaning System

Now your carpet can be steam cleaned better and dry even quicker.  This cleaning can get your carpet twice as clean.  Steam-A-Way of Nebraska is now proud to offer the Rotovac Powerhead cleaning system.

If you’ve had your carpet cleaned in the past by a standard carpet cleaning wand that most cleaning companies use, you’ll love what the Rotovac Powerhead will do for you.  The powerhead gently agitates and lifts the carpet fibers to clean all sides of the carpet.  With a standard wand, you only get two sides of the carpet cleaned, but with the Rotovac system, brushes rotary heads spin over the carpet for better rinsing.

See this carpet that has been cleaned by a wand (the still dirty side) and the Rotovac (cleaner side).  Can’t you SEE the difference?

Put the Rotovac carpet cleaning system to work for you and make your carpet look beautiful today.  Just call Steam-A-Way of Nebraska


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